What are we doing?


  • Fuel hoses,
  • Plastic clamps,
  • Pipes with plastic union,
  • Axle bellows clamps,
  • Air conditioner repair parts,
  • Power steering hoses,
  • Injector return kits,
  • Radiator hoses,
  • Low pressure water hoses,
  • Air filter hoses,
  • Silicone turbo hoses,
  • Gas pressure sensors,
  • Oil pressure sensors

We are marketing and distributing quality products belonging to product groups by combining our plastic and rubber productions under our own brand DERIN OTOMOTİV.



What are we doing?

Below are the categories of the products we produce. You can give information and order about the product by clicking on the product group of the product you need.

  • Domestic and International Product Sales

    We are among the strong companies exporting in the automotive sector. We deliver our products to many European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

  • Wholesale and Retail Product Sales

    In addition to wholesale product sales to many of our dealers throughout the country, we also have retail product sales.

  • Continuously Increasing Product Variety

    As DERIN OTOMOTİV, we are adding new products to our products every day, and as a result of our research and development activities, we offer you a wider product range.


Years of Experience
Satisfied Partner History

We serve our valued customers in line with our 24 years of knowledge and experience in the automotive sector. Our primary goal is to be the most respected company in the sector with our principled, dynamic and self-sacrificing structure on the way we set out with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Adaptation to today's changing and developing market conditions can only be achieved through continuous development. We direct our investments with this awareness.